Scout Sunday :  Scout Sunday is a very Special Day when ALL Scouts across the Country are invited to attend a Religious Service in their Neighborhood..

 Popcorn Fundraiser :  All Cub Scouts Packs are funded by donations and the sale of items such as Popcorn or Camp Cards (discount shopping cards).  Some Cub Scout Packss raises most of their needed funds through the sale of Gourmet Bagged Popcorn.  Our hard working and dedicated Scouts volunteer their time, along with their parents to sell this Great Popcorn at various stores in the area.     

Trailblazer Adventure day :.

 Blue & Gold Banquet :  The Blue and Gold Banquet is the most exciting event on the Cub Scout calendar. It is the birthday celebration of Cub Scouting.

Scout Adventures

Webelos Crossover :.

Blue & Gold Banquet :.

​​​ Pack Meetings :  Cub Scout Packs have one Pack Meeting per month, every month of the year.  These Pack Meetings involve the  entire Pack of Tigers (grade 1), Wolves (grade 2), Bears (grade 3),  Webelos (grade 4) and Arrow of Light (grade 5).  The purpose of  these Pack Meetings are for all Scout Ranks to work together and  participate in topics or activities involving the whole Cub Scout  Pack, such as Scout Fund Raising, Community Projects, maybe a  Pinewood Derby Race or Pack Fishing Derby.  The entire Scouts  family is welcome and encouraged to attend the Monthly Pack  Meetings, and Scout siblings can also participate in some Pack  Meetings.  As with Den Meetings, Monthly Pack Meetings are  most times held at the Charter Church, but some times, these  meetings will be held at Scout Camp Outs.

Raingutter Regatta :  Summer Rain Gutter Regatta is Fun, Fun  Fun.  All Scouts get together and each one assembles their own Sailboat.  They race their Sailboat by blowing at the sail through a straw.  First across the finish line, is the winner.   .

Scout Summer Camp :.

​ Den meetings :  A den is composed of about 10-15 Scouts who are  about the same age and grade level.  During the year, Scouts earn their  Rank (Advancement) by working on Cub Scout Rank Requirements.  Most Adventures are  worked on during one hour Den Meetings either in a Classroom, in the Church Gym or outside on the  Church Property.  Some times, Scouts will complete these Adventures on Field Trips or on Scout Camp Outs.  Most Cub Scout Packs weekly Den Meetings.  All Den Meetings are run by Den Leaders who have B.S.A. (Boy Scouts of America) Training, have completed a Background Check, and have taken a Youth Protection Training Class.  New 2016/2017 Cub Scout Rank Modifications

Pinewood Derby : The Pinewood Derby Race is one of our favorite Scout Adventures.  Scouts build and decorate their own race car from a block of wood, 4 wheels and 4 nails for the axles.  The Big   Event is held here at local Cub Scout Packs and Scouts bring their friends and family to watch the big race.  Awards are given out to the Fastest Cars and they are also judged for decoration such as "Best Scout Theme", "Most Creative", "Judges Choice" etc.  .

Scouting for Food :  Cub Scout Packs are proud to participate in this National Program that   collects Food Donations for local Food Banks.  We will deliver empty Grocery Collection Bags on one day, then one week later, we will go back to collect the Food Donations.

Scout Graduation :.

Scout Camping :.


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